Sunday, December 4, 2011

What branch of government does the federal government belong to?

When the federal government overturns a state law, does that relate to the different branches of government and their powers? what branch so each belong to or are they from the same branch?|||The three branches refers to

The Executive Branch (President)

Legislative (which is both the house or Congress, and the Senate)

And the Judicial Branch (Which at the federal Level would be the Supreme court)

Now pretty much states are the same way, although a Governor would be the president of a state.

If a state law were to be considered unconstitutional it would be the Judicial Branch that would examine that if it were brought to court.|||This is the way it was explained to me in school.. many, if not all public government breaches including the Military in the United States answer to one man and to one man only.. and that is the Commander and chief President Barack Obama.. The president then answers to congress and congress answers to "us" the people.. this is a system called democracy :D

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