Sunday, December 4, 2011

What military branch provides the best benefits?

I am wondering which military branch provides the most benefits. I don't care about which one you have to work harder at, that doesn't matter. I just want to know which one provides a higher salary, how much of my college education it would pay, etc. I prefer my answers to be by people who have been in one of the branches and actually knows what they are talking about, not someone who hasn't had any experience in any of the branches.|||ArMy :D|||Pay is the same across the board, my personal experience shows that the Army does in fact give better bonus' for certain jobs. Having spent 3 years in the AF and almost 4 years in the Army I'd have to tell you it's all about what you're looking for. The AF is the cush life, your deployments are a joke and you're not seen as a real service member. In the Army I've spent almost the same amount of time stateside as I've been deployed and our privates live in condemned barracks. Personally I'm getting out and planning to commission in the Navy. Sometimes it takes a while to find exactly what you're looking for.

Good luck.|||I agree with the E5 in the Army makes just the same as E5 in the Air Force.

As a whole though Air Force facilities are usually a lot nicer than Army ones, they deploy less frequently and for shorter amounts of time.

As for the college thing...if you already have college and want help paying it off the Air Force has a few programmes that can help however coming in as an officer is really hard right now, the degree has to be a technical one.

If you come in without college and want to get your degree whilst in you got tuition assistance, but you cannot attend a normal college. Most of it will be done online.|||All branches pay the same salary based on time in service and grade. I'm in the Air Force and they have great facilities that far exceed any of the other branches facilities. They treat you well and have many awesome programs that can help you further progress your career as a human being and as an Airman. They really take stock in what you are and what you want to be.|||Army. Every branch has the same pay when it comes to rank, but the Army has more bonuses and faster promotions.|||All provide same facilities.

Joing your interested branch|||Marine Corps|||I dont know how many facilities someone has seen to compare all branches in 2 years but i guess not much. All have the same benefits to include pay. Promotions and bonuses are based on jobs not branch as some clown mentioned. A cook in the army does not get promoted faster than an intel guy in the Marines (probably who they would consider the worst). You are lookin from the wrong angle to see who you want to pick. Look at who they are as a service at more intangible (things you cant touch like money) the levels of leadership like officer to enlisted ration, who is going to be more challenging (not sayin pick the most, pick the level you want, least challenging, most challenging or inbetween) Even Jobs shouldnt be based on bonuses, they should only come into play if you one branch does not have something you want ie. The marines dont have medical. The Air Force doesn't have men. The pay, promotions and bonuses will come.

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