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What is the best branch of military to enter for women?

I'm not afraid of seeing combat, but I'd really hate to get a desk job or so other job where I'm constantly sitting around. But it's not like if I joined the Marines that they'd let me be a sniper, or in the Navy I wouldn't be able to join the Navy Seals. So really I ask what branch would offer the best benfits for a woman to join into?|||The Army is the only branch that will guarantee EVERYONE the job they want that they are qualified for, BEFORE they enlist. The Air Force, Navy and Marines are great for some people, but in the case of someone like yourself, someone that knows what she DOES NOT want to do, then it is the guaranteed job from the Army that is best for you.

If you don't mind rolling the dice, and are willing to be a Hotel Desk Clerk, or a Cook on a Navy boat, do what you want. It is your future, your life. You have to live with your decisons. Though many think the Air Force and Navy are more technical, the fact the majority of enlistees have no say in their job selection means they are not more tecnhical for everyone. And a rhetorical question to many of you. How do you go to college on a ship in the middle of the ocean? Don't say online, there are not very many computers on board and a line to use them.|||That answer is wrong?





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|||ARMY BABY!!!!!


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|||The Navy hires professors to teach ON BOARD the ship

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|||Right now, as I was told in Iraq, we are fighting and equal opportunity enemy, meaming that anybody can die. If you want to joy tha armed forcres, and you want to be close to the battle, go Military Police, but you can be put to work in a desk as well.|||usaf|||AIR FORCE|||the airforce or Navy either one would be way better then the marines and Army.|||The army provides multiple combatant experiences for women, like motor transport. If you are looking for a job where you can stay safe the navy or air force is a good choice the marines are a load of crap seeing as they don't allow women to engage in any combat experience.|||Well my dear, All branches need women in the military, there is not perfect branch for a women, it depends on how mind strong you are. You will face combat if you go active, look at Iraq and the women who have been hurt over there. But, honestly desk jobs aren't than bad, and if you get out of the military you need to make sure your job in the military will help you in the civilian world. So before you want to jump and be all that you might want to think about what you want in the future and how to get there before you sign your life away.|||cooking. (joking)|||KP|||try the airforce my sister was in desert storm her job was in the social club entertaing every one and if you went in the navy you dont have to be a navy seal every branch of the militery has a job for you if thats what you want to do i was in the army for 3 yr my job was a combat engineer we build bridges an i drove a dump truck take care and good luck|||i always tell people the best branch no matter what gender you are is the NAVY!!! it really has been the best for me!!!|||me, personally I would join the army but for anyone else who ask's what I think they should join I say the Navy because they have everything and alot of the skills you are taught are things you can get really good jobs by having after you get out. like working in a nuclear power plant or being a physicians assistant. you get your college credits while being in the navy not after you get out then go to college. plus they have ships planes and the marines! good luck!|||Thought about the Coast Guard? More to it than you might think.|||The Air Force is definitely the best because the duty in the right jobs are very similar to civilian work. In fact, the Tactical Division of the Air Force is the most relaxed. Try to avoid, SAC or the Training Division because they are much more "chicken sh*t. Also, you should get your pick of a wide variety of jobs. If you don't, they are trying to take advantage of you and give you a job that may not be the best. Try to get it all in writing before you raise your hand and say, "I Do". In fact, get it in writing and find out how solid the agreement is before you know what.

Some heads up for you, "Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!" You have to know the difference. The service wants you to succeed. You could have a job with a great title, but only one or two small pieces of the real job in in civilian life. Get access to an Occupational guide that list regular duties general expected with a job title. Find one that matches the outside world. Finally, you will be looked at and talked to, like you are Miss America, but don't lose your perspective. The young men of the Military are healthy specimens and full of corn beef hash. Watch out for the Officers. They are the sweetest talkers but devilish by nature.|||Marine Corps pilot

OORAH!|||all the chicks i know who joined the armed forces, any branch, pretty much ended up preggo and got out. odd huh?|||US COAST Guard. You do search and rescue, counter-narcotics missions in the Caribbean and if you want to become a helicopter pilot or command a large ocean going cutter.|||I am biased toward the Navy, as you can see by my photo.|||Which ever branch you pick pick an MOS that has a similar position on the outside. If you like the military then you stay in. If not you leave %26amp; you've had those years of OJT. Make sure you make use of the education benefits when eligable.

The most civilian like is the Air Force. You are farther away from the enemy. 2nd is the Navy for the same reason. I can't comment on the Marines, but the Army wasn't bad.|||You could be n MP in the Marines. However, you'll have better access to combat positions in the Army. Check out the website listed below. click on the graphic breakdown by casualties. You can see that the Army has more women killed in combat then the other services. Good luck!|||I'm really to tired to dwell on this question. The demographic make up of the Air Force is about 25% female and 75% male. My advice to you is take the ASVAB Test. See how you score and find out where your interests are. If everything matches and you're in good health, talk with the AF recruiter. AF needs come first and they may try to steer you into a career that has more openings. Stick to your guns and wait it out. 4 years of loving a job goes by much faster than 4 years of "why the heck did I do this". If the AF doesn't offer you much that really interests you, then go ARMY! Combat roles for the AF are usually Combat Control, Pararescue (pretty much all male), then Security Forces and now Transportation due to the IED situation, (Open to females). Recently the AF lost a young Airman, (female), to an IED in Iraq. She was only 21 I believe? The AF people here will give you good advice. Good Luck hon!

Vr RJ|||I'm in the RAF as an engineer, It's an outside job if you get on the first line, directly on the aircraft, if you get second line you're in a maintenance bay. It's a fun life as you get to travel, I've been to Canada, America, Norway, Cyprus, and all over the UK. If you're worried about combat, the Air Force sends it's officers in, not the enlisted men/women. At worst you'll be in a "tent city" far enough away from the conflict to be relatively comfortable. Good luck whatever you decide!!!|||I'm in the Air Force and I can tell you it's not hard to be in Special Forces if that's what you want to do.|||Air force|||air force|||Well, the army's fine if you're not a thinker. I figure it this way: if you want to do intel, join the Navy or Air Force. If you want to be combat arms, the Marines do it better.|||US Army!!!|||Air Force!(pilot)|||girl scouts|||if you want to die that quick go to L.A for a week and smart off in the hood,,,,,,bye,bye sucker|||what are you butch

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