Thursday, December 8, 2011

What branch of the military pays more for the rank of E3. Ive heard that they pay different wages?

I am considering enlisting into the military sometime soon. I heard that there were different wages per month for the same rank but in different branches.Is this true?

Also for active duty soldiers.

What is it like in your branch?

Army? Navy? Marines? Coast Guard? Reserves?

And do you like it|||Basic Pay is the same across the boards so an E3 with 1 year in makes the same in the Navy, Marines, Coast Guard, Air Force %26amp; Army.

Special Pay %26amp; Allowances will make the difference, an E3 in the Navy based on a submarine out of Pearl Harbor, HI will make more than an E3 Marine stationed at Camp Pendleton. Because the Navy E3 will get Sea Pay, Submarine Pay, and COLA. Then if you are married there is a difference in a housing allowance w/dependents and it also sets the difference for paying taxes on your Basic Pay. So it can seem like someone in one branch is making more because of the extra pay %26amp; Allowances compared to someone else.

Reserve/National Guard only get Drill Pay unless they are activated or full time.|||Don't know how to contact you otherwise, can you email me? or leigh reel on facebook, i'm the only one.

PS, yea, it's the special pays that are different. AF gets special pay out the wazoo, they get substandard living if the comforter doesn't match the drapes or if they live on a base for any other branch. plus BAH changes from city to city depending on average cost of living.

PSS: I'm in NC too, what part?|||Whatever you "heard" about E3s getting paid different wages is false. Everyone in the military gets paid according to rank and time in service. There are allotments that affect pay and there are "special" pays, but basic pay is the same.|||first of all E-3 is a pay grade not a rank so don't get that **** confused. To answer your question active duty E-3's all get paid the same. A master sergeant and first sergeant are both E-8's but different ranks. An Army staff sergeant and marine staff sergeant are E-6 but both get paid the same and jar heads would try to argue they have more responsibility. Does it make sense?|||The pay is the same in ALL branches. You heard wrong.|||You have been lied to.

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