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What is the best branch of the military to go into for a female?

I want to go to a branch of the military but i dont want to go to iraq or anything. I want to travel however. And also what are the best careers in the military? I want to be in the heathcare field.Also how much do you get paid in the different branches?|||If you're not willing to go to Iraq you shouldn't go in the military. However if you want to lower your chances of going to Iraq I would recommend the Air Force or Navy. However even if you go in the Air Force or Navy there is still a chance that you could go to Iraq.|||how about the air force? i've always thought it would be cool to fly a fighter plane.|||lately i would prefer an olive branch. these wars are for big money making more money.|||All branches have their ups and downs... whether you are male or female.

I am more concerned about another part of your 'conditional' question.

If you want to join the military but are unwilling to go to a war zone when called upon to do so, then you are joining for the wrong reasons and you need to remain a civilian.

I'm not being insulting. No one in uniform "WANTS" to be in combat and in a hostile situation where they could get killed. At least not anyone who has been there before.

Its not about WANTING to go. its about WILLING to go when called upon. Its about willing to SERVE your country in time of need (That need determined by the duly elected civilian government)

So far as Travel is concerned. just three words...




You get assigned to a ships crew and you go on deployments. and see lots of exotic (and some not so exotic) ports all around the world.

So far as health care...

Navy or Army. Marines do not have their own medics, they rely on Navy Hospital Corpsmen and Navy Docs

Pay is not different between the branches. Its all the same military. Pay is based on your rank. an E-3 Seaman in the Navy gets paid at the same scale as an E-3 Airman 1st Class in the Airforce

Based on what you have said: I would say Navy is good for you.

Excellent Medical field and you stay out of direct combat (for the most part). that and you will see lots of the world.

I may be a wee bit biased as I was in the Navy myself.

just a short list of some of the places I have seen (some more than once)











Hong Kong



Sri Lanka




Saudi Arabia


(I also lived in Germany as an Army Brat as a teen)


Tsubaki... You dishonor your friends memory. Shame on you.|||Air Force and that applies to men too.|||Navy, thats where I met my wife. Also you have a bed to sleep in and showers, A/C and heat.

Oh yeah, your not living in a tent.|||I would say the Navy is the best at this point in time if you want to avoid being sent to Iraq. No guarantees though.|||Here's the problem with what you're asking for. You don't want to go to Iraq, but you want to be in a healthcare field in the military that travels. The corpsmen are always on the front-lines, or quite near them. (Then again in todays modern warfare there are no real "front lines")

The Marine Corps has no medical billets. The navy provides our corpsmen. The army has their own corpsmen, possibly the air force too, but I'm not sure about them.

You're not going to be doing a whole lot of travling in the Air Force, most likely you'll be sitting around an AC unit in some office typing up reports.

You're not going to do anything healthcare related in the Marines, most likely you'll just be cleaning the head and police calling until you pick-up Corporal and then you'll supervise those duties.

In the Navy you can get into the healthcare field, but if you do so decide to you're going to be hanging out around Marines all day and quite possibly find yourself in a combat environment.

In the army you can be a corpsmen and serve with lesser soldiers that will probably not know any remedial action if their weapon fails to fire.

So I can really only narrow it down to these three branches for you of which you'll have to make the decision:

Air Force, Navy, Army.

I didn't list the Marine Corps because you don't want to go to Iraq, and you want to be in healthcare. You're going to go to Iraq in the Marine Corps most likely, and you're not going to be in healthcare. The closest you'll get to healthcare in the Marines is probably cleaning up medical.

PS... the army has a high chance of getting deployed to Iraq as well so the Navy and Air Force have less of a chance of actually touching foot on Iraqi soil, navy least of all if your duties are ship-based, but you're still going to be supporting ground operations and in that vicinity.|||for a female, I would say the AirForce. They have the least amount of careers that are closed to women. You still get travel (they have nice bases in nice places, lol) If you want to go into healthcare, any branch will put you through school. Payment depends on rank. The higher your rank the higher your pay. Some of the careers have extra pay bonuses but you will have to talk to recruiter on each of those.|||bunch of lame answers,, coast guard thats the ticket,, wish i would have thought about that in 78 when i joined the marines|||What nuisance is this?

you want to join the military but not go to iraq? are you an idiot?

im going to the air force, as a military physician, we don't need panzies like you, so don't even bother trying for the air force!|||Air force or navy. If you'r hardcore army or marines|||Joining the military has the inherent risk of being sent to war. But the Air Force or the Navy seem more female friendly. Google active duty pay and you will see what the pay scale is.|||Well, I would say the air force. But if you do go into it and you want to see the world don't or hope that they don't send you to Hampton,VA because there's a reason why they call that base the Black Hole.|||Air Force , best branch for retirement

I was in the Navy and loved it, but if i had it to do over, I'd go Air Force, for example I'm told the Air Force has 3 differ net people involved in removing, repairing and replacing a part on an aircraft, where the Navy has one, some of this is because the Navy is for the most part is on a ship and their people need to know different trades to keep everything moving, in the event of a death of fellow sailor and they can't get a replacement out of the ocean and all Navy people are fire fighters, can't let the ship go down in case of a fire, so everyone is trained in this trade,

besides this, you don't have to live in a foxhole like the marines or army|||Air Force. Best of everything branch. All other branches despise the air force because the standard of living is so much higher. The bases are better maintained ect. There would be less chance for deployment (however as with all branches it is still a possiblity and if you enlist and get orders u will either go or face prision time). If i could meet enlistment standards I wanted to go AF or Army. The army is more intergrated gender wise than the marines and I just didn't like the idea of the navy and ships (more of a personal choice for me). If your the type that doesn't back down from a fight and doesn't get upset easily, the type girl people look at and say that bada$$ can handle her own s**t, then you'll do fine army. But you'll most likely see at least one deployment in a four year enlistment. I've heard that the guys are deploying in as little as six months after bct for the army. But then the army is or was offering 15 month enlistments. 15 months isn't crap, anyone could handle anything for that long. So that is something to consider, i would tell you Air Force though.|||NONE!! I wanted to join the military until a friend of mine was killed in Iraq. Now I have no interest whatsoever!

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